Young scientist award
Ensuring competence in the field of radiation safety requires the education and encouragement of qualified professionals and trainees. The promotion of young scientists is therefore of high importance for the European IRPA societies. For this purpose the societies participating in the organisation of the congress offered an award for the best scientific or professional contribution(s). The award carried remuneration.
     National societies were responsible for the nomination of their candidates; they were expected to supported the participation of the candidates in the congress.
     The abstract had to be submitted to the programme committee of the congress before November 1, 2009. The abstract had to be accompanied by a CV and an explanatory statement of
the nominating society. When accepted, the presentation was integrated into the scientific programme. A jury elected the award winning contribution.

The Award in 2010 was presented to

Harald Breitkreutz

honouring for the work titled
Measurements and simulations of fission neutron spectra
at the MEDAPP beam at FRM II and subsequent developments

Harald Breitkreutz was nominated by the Fachverband für Strahlenschutz e.V. from Germany.

Other candidates nominated by the national societies (in alphabetical order):
Nominee Work Nominating society
Damien Braekers Reduction of radioxenon emissions from radiopharmaceutical facilities
A pilot study
Valeria Gruber Public exposure by natural radionuclides in drinking water
Models for effective dose assessment and implications to guidelines
Österreichisher Verband für Strahlenschutz, AUSTRIA
Michał A. Gryziński Radiation protection dosimetry using recombination chambers at radiotherapy facilities
Radiation Protection Section of the Polish Society of Medical Physics, Poland
Attila Hirn Results of model calculations and algorithm development related to a 3D silicon detector dosimetric telescope
Hungarian Radiation Protection Association, Hungary
Tjerk Kuipers Feasibility study of a Low Cost Wireless Ionising Radiation Sensor Network
Dutch Society for Radiation Protection,
the Netherlands
Martina Rožmarić Mačefat Sequential separation of alpha and beta emitters from natural samples by mixed solvent anion exchange and their subsequent determination
Croatian Radiation Protection Association (CRPA), CROATIA
Tomáš Vrba Development of approaches for realistic retrospective evaluation of doses of selected cases of internal contamination
Czech Radiation Protection Society, Czech Republic
Luca Zanibellato Experimental monitoring of Ozone production around a biomedical cyclotron AIRP (Italian Association of Radioprotection), ITALY   ●  06.07.2010