The poster boards are 100 cm wide and 200 cm high. The posters should be of max 85 cm width and 120 cm height. The text should be readable from a distance of approximately 1.5 m.

Setting up posters

Please place your poster to the poster board marked with the same poster number that is assigned to your poster in the abstract book and programme. You can find that number also on the poster presentation listings by topics on this website.
     Setting up of posters starts on Tuesday at 8:00. All poster presentations are on display throughout the congress and must be taken down on Friday by 14:00. We regret that any posters left on the poster boards after that will be discarded. Push pins are available on site.
     A map of the poster halls and the location assignment are available at a notice board in the registration area. There are two separate poster areas. The posters are grouped according to the themes of the oral sessions.
     Despite our initial intention, the poster images are NOT available through the congress website, however, the abstracts related to the poster presentations are published in the abstract book.

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