Technical exhibition

Exhibitors by stand numbers


Canberra Solutions Ab
2 Doseco Oy
3 Saphymo
4 DEMA Danish Emergency Management Agency


Mirion Technologies
8 ENS GmbH
9 NKS — Nordic Nuclear Safety Research
10 Gammadata Finland Oy
11 iCX Technologies GmbH
12 Atomtex
13 Helmholtz Zentrum München
14 LANDAUER EUROPE Gammadata Mätteknik AB
15 Georadis
16 Princeton Gamma-Tech Instruments
& Labtronic Oy & Argon Electronics
18 Environics Oy
19 KeeplyShields
20 Hidex Oy
21 Panasonic Industrial Europe GmbH
22 PTW
23 Unfors Instruments
24 Nuclear Power Outfitters / Eichrom Technologies LLC
25 Sarad GmbH
26 Radosys Ltd

Exhibition area

The exhibition area is located in the lobby areas of Finlandia
Hall close to the lecture
halls, meeting room and refreshment areas.
Close-up of the exhibition
area and stands 4

Acknowledgements to sponsors

The organisers of the Third European IRPA Congress 2010 wish to express gratitude for the sponsors NKS, TVO, Fortum, Mirion Technologies, City of Helsinki and Ministry of Social Affairs and Health as well as all the Nordic Radiation Protection Authorities. Special thanks go to the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK), without the support of which it would not have been possible to organize an event of this size. We wish to thank the technical exhibitors that are coming to Helsinki to show their latest technological innovations and instrumentation.

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